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Wait for it

At 94, my patient V. was funny and flirtatious.  Her French accent made even the name of her life-threatening fungal infection sound poetic.

“DEE-seminated HEESTO-plasmo-sees,” she said, “Oaf the skin.”

I smiled.

I also admitted her to the hospital because our treatments were not working.  

What I did next, though, surprised both of us. To read more, check out my new article at the great blog Reflective MedEd.

Posted on September 18, 2016 .

Medicine is going through tough times. The trusted family doctor who makes house calls has been replaced in the public lore by the benign technician but most recognize we need better models. Public narrative seems like a great way forward. Phil Lederer (@philiplederer) runs a nice website called in which he showcases life stories from doctors and other healthcare providers. 

The Campfire by Winslow Homer

The Campfire by Winslow Homer

What brought people to medicine in the first place? Why do they stay? What was their greatest contribution? Read my contribution and others at, and tell your own story too.  

Posted on September 8, 2013 .